Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glendale Greetings

Finally getting back to some semblance of my pre-vacation routines, and read all the new blog postings! I'd make comments about them individually, but then you all would have to click on the comments for each posting instead of reading this. Anyway, I have survived my first three days back at work -- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday -- had yesterday off as I work today. And today is the FINAL day in the Summer Reading Program so should be extra busy with lots of children picking up their prizes. Including the teen program we have ~11,000 participating this summer, up 15% at the Main Library. Glad to have good numbers for my personal final summer at GPL.

Mary -- liked the pictures of Don's pre-birthday celebration.
Roberta & Sid -- beautiful great-granddaughter and Sally looks good too!
Mom & Dad -- hope you are having a good visit with Cris & Angela.
John -- thanks for your call. (Do you need some book recommendations?)
Serena -- I'm participating in a Library 2.0 training (via blog) -- may post about that later

Items from Uible photo album