Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back from New Hampshire/Massachusetts

Yesterday's trip went well - Sara and I left Northampton about 5:30 so I had time to fairly leisurely look around the Hartford airport which seemed  quite nice. They have big  rocking chairs on the sort of front main hallway for the  concourse so one could sit and watch planes land/take off. I sat and drank my McDonald's coffee ($1.89 for a small - but huge milk dispensers so I could drink my coffee half and half with skim milk in my own  container - which made the price more palatable).

Then Midway was fun to look around - I think the last time I was there was about 25 years ago. I got a gyro from a little Greek place and a coffee from a little burger place called McDonald's. Anyway, planes were all on time - well, last plane was about 10 minutes late, but everything else went very smoothly.

Sid and Roberta picked up both Sharon and me and also Sid's walker which had not made it to the airport with their flight earlier this week. We stopped at McDonald's on the way back to get something to drink. I  did try their iced coffee again - although out of the 6 or so I have had over the last 6 months, the first four were great. The last two have tasted more like sweet flavored ice water, with the emphasis on water and ice. So, I may be back to coffee and ice - probably cheaper and healthier.

I did have some leftover hummus last night before I crashed, but there isn't too much in the refrigerator. I'm  thinking about going out for breakfast and then do some quick shopping at Basha's. I haven't decided whether it is worth biking over to Wal-Mart area to eat breakfast earlier or just wait because I don't think that anyplace within a mile or so  is open early, early for breakfast. Actually, the distance is not so daunting as the bike security/traffic, etc. (not to mention the heat). Although right now it is only 73 degrees - projected high only 97.

Anyway, time to put in the third (and last) load of clothes for  the day. Then all vacation clothes will be clean, although I'm not sure that shorts I wore for the Northampton  cleaning project will ever look beige again. On the  other hand, since  they both had  a small hole just below the back pocket, maybe not a big loss. I'm pretty sure they were bought ($.50 each) at the United Methodist rummage sale last fall - great shorts, just  flawed by a small hole.

By the way, Catherine, Sara is also a great lover of the Alexander McCall Smith's series of #1 Ladies' Detective Agency book. She has the latest in the series which is the only one she hasn't read  yet.

Well, I'm getting really hungry - may head  over to WalMart area - can always go to McDonald's.

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