Monday, July 14, 2008

Family photo, Northampton, etc.

Interesting how only John's, and perhaps MV's clothing style are still similar to the ones shown here. I did love that rose checkered wool jumper with the pink top - one of the few outfits that my older sisters hadn't already worn.

Well, I need to head down to the basement and do laundry. The plan is breakfast at 9ish and then I have time for a swim. Lunch at 12ish with Judy, Sara, Sally and Miriam and then we head on to the Fairfield Seacoast Inn then supper in Maine.

We did have a lovely dinner last night at Whatley Inn (pronounced "Whitely"). I had scallops. We had brunch at the Essalon - both excellent places -the food in Northampton and surrounding area has been great! Also been fun meeting Sally, Judy and Miriam. Although Miriam didn't have very much to say.

Well, laundry is calling.
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