Sunday, December 13, 2009

June 14, 1910 Helen to Grandma

June 14, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Dear Gladys, -- Didn't you [have] a grand time but I know you did. I took a good look at Westboro as I went through. Auntie and I went down town this morning and went in several of the stores and there were so many things I wanted but if I had bought everything I wouldn't have gotten home. Please write 5341 Woodbridge Ave. Helen

This is a card from Grandma's friend to her, possibly commenting on Westboro because of Cecil. Helen later travels with Grandma on her second trip to Niagara Falls, but that is mentioned in a postcard yet to come. Both Grandma and Helen use this sideways writing style, which may have been common to their age (or just to them) as all of the non-family postcards I have from this era do not write sideways on the card.


Catherine said...

Dad reported that the Trinity Cathedral, built in 1907, is still an imposing structure. Also that the address in Cleveland, which Helen listed, recently sold at auction for $16,500 and has five bedrooms and two baths.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Would be interesting to know who Helen is...possibly could find out next time I'm at library by looking up 1910 census for that address.

Catherine said...

Mary, I doubt the Cleveland address would tell you too much as I believe Helen was in Cleveland visiting her Aunt. "Auntie and I went down town", I assume Helen was a local Hillsboro girl.

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