Saturday, October 24, 2009

A collage - Sisters - and a few others

Yes, MV - I do plan to share photos. You can download off of Picasa - although the resolution will not be that great. I've done some of the photos - maybe 15 or so in 300 dpi, but mostly 600 which works out much better if one wants to blow up a photo or crop much. Costco will do CDs for $3.50 with maximum of 600MB - so when I reach that I'll probably go ahead and have the CDs made. I'll probably just give yours and JB's to Catherine, the responsible one.
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Mary Uible Crowson said...

That's nice of you to make a CD---I think I can handle it and will just put them directly on jump drives with other family pictures I have backed up that way. Catherine may be responsible but I am the #2 computer geek. If you're not handy sometimes they call me! lol

Mary Uible Crowson said...

In looking more closely (previously from my blackberry), who is the dark-haired boy with RUK with the parsonage garage in the background? And how on earth did RUK end up in a picture at the bottom of the collage looking like she's at the library voluntarily---or even employed??---in the midst of the stacks?

Serena said...

dark haired boy is Tim Schauman
Picasa arranged the photos and I thought it was an interesting arrangement. Plus, how many photos of Roberta with books are there?

Also, you are certainly welcome to download any/all photos. They'll look pretty good on a computer, but if you print them . . . Not so much, resolution is just too low.

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