Monday, May 26, 2008

Vegan Brunch at Mandala

Serena, Sharon O'Shea, Patty (the plant-based diet teacher at Chez Nous), Wendy, KC, Gerry and I enjoyed brunch yesterday at the Mandala Tea Room. They had an assortment of scrambled tofu dishes with various types such as Italian, Mexican, Ex-Ranch (with tempeh bacon), and curry as well as soup, waffles, and blue corn cakes. While I appreciated the variety of tofu "egg" dishes, I was disappointed with my selection of the curry -- definitely the blandest of any of the ones we tried as a group. I probably would have preferred one of their lunch entrees which wasn't available during the "brunch" time. Next time we'll go for lunch instead. It was an experience though, and enjoyed meeting Patty. We babysat KC last night and plan to get together with Ken & Wendy for brunch today.

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