Monday, May 05, 2008

Grapefruit juice

Last week I picked the last of the grapefruit from the neighbors' yard - with their knowledge/permission. The last of the grapefruit at this house were picked in mid-April. Today I made the last of the grapefruit juice concentrate. I like to keep things simple so all I do is chop the grapefruits in half, pick out the seeds I can easily see and then take the skin off. Then I just put everything but the skin and big seeds in the blender. After everything is a fairly thick sludge - I freeze in 1 cup containers (mostly yogurt cups). After sludge becomes frozen, I slide the juice into plastic bags to save space in the freezer. I have, I think, about 5 gallons of frozen sludge now.

The sludge is good blended about 50/50 with water plus some ice.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

You're so industrious...sure put the rest of us to shame!

Serena said...

Actually it is quite easy to do - plus I only did about the last gallon this past week-end. The rest of it was done over the last several weeks.

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