Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bev Allen and Chez Nous

I'm sure Mom and Dad remember Bev Allen - she is the artist that they had lunch with her several times at Chez Nous. She is in the hospital after a fairly serious fall last Friday. I've been spending time with her to help her pass the time. One of her sons does live close by - in Peoria, I think. That plus computer work today kept me gone all day.

It looks like she may be going to move at least temporarily to Grandview Terrace - right by the hospital here in Sun City West.

Bev was supposed to go to brunch with us at Mandala's on Saturday, may be just as well she didn't. When I told her what we had, she said it sounded really awful.

By the way, Catherine, any ideas on when you would like to go to Persian Garden?

I did stop by Chez Nous a couple of times - it was very quiet. I talked to both Rosemary and Angela. Rosemary said that Angela did have two people for coffee this morning - her parents.

A slight mix-up on the movie for this Friday, but we've got it covered.

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