Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shopping anyone?

Wendy reports that the stores are crowded today. We're watching KC as she attempts to finish up her Christmas shopping and prepares to leave for Ogden tomorrow for Grandpa Tom's funeral.

This is a Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project poster from 1941 extolling the benefits of retail commerce.

Makes me think of the shopping in downtown New Vienna in the 1950's at the Drug Store or even Streber's Market where one could get some kinds of candy, 2 for a penny -- I'm sure I didn't eat too much of it, as I'd rather keep my pennies, probably gave it all to my favorite younger siblings!


Serena said...

I don't really remember buying candy or other contraband at Streber's. I do remember buying candy and comic books in Lakeside where I would fill up on forbidden treats. Perhaps my siblings extorted my pennies.

I do remember once in a while going to the locker/freezer store and buying my favorite - fudgesicle.

I also remember going to Swallen's, especially at Christmas. I thought that was the best store in the world. When I actually lived in Cincinnati area, I never went to Swallen's, although I was once in a while near there. Swallen's closed during that same time - maybe 1993. I also remember the Lazarus flagship store in Columbus - which is also gone now. Well, the name Lazarus is completely gone. I'm not sure if the former flagship store is still open, but all the former Lazarus stores are now Macy's, I think - like the famous Marshall Fields once headquartered in Chicago.

Roberta called about 9pm last night about CVS - I had mentioned to her that they are going to be open until midnight for Christmas shoppers' convenience. Since the streets pretty much roll up in Sun City West at about dark, I doubt if there were many shoppers there other than Roberta. She asked Mother if she wanted to go CVS shopping. Mother said Dad had already gone to bed and would shoot her if she went out.

Serena said...

I just saw on the news that the NYC Macy's is going to be open around the clock until 12/24 6pm. They also had a shot of the store's shopping floor and it looked pretty empty, but I don't know if CNN is actually "live" this time of the morning. I would think by 8:15 NY time, they would be pretty busy.

Catherine said...

Yes, Swallen's does bring back memories also. The best Swallen's memory is buying the tandem there. Seems like Roberta and I had to work for years to make enough money to buy that. The worst memory is one time I got lost from the rest of the family and figured I would be lost there forever, since Mom & Dad only worried about you younger people -- I was old enough to look out for myself, therefore in my anxiety, I pictured the rest of you going home without me.

Catherine said...

Also, remember going to Cincinnati to see the store windows all decorated.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I don't remember Swallen's, other than in name only. Also don't remember really buying candy at Strebers but wasn't there another store just beyond them that also sold candy and??? Just vaguely remembering buying 2 tootsie rolls for a penny in there a couple times.

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