Friday, December 14, 2007

Good-bye, [KC's] Grandpa Tom

We are sad to report that KC's great-grandfather, Tom, passed away yesterday. He was the father of Marsha (Ken's Mom) and Jeff. His wife preceded him in death in 2006. He is survived by his father who lives in Utah, where Tom will be buried. He and KC had a strong resemblance, especially when wearing hats. Unfortunately KC was not looking at the camera in this picture taken about 8 months ago. Serena, you and Pat met Tom at Thanksgiving. Not sure if any of the rest of you had met him or not, although he was at KC's birthday party.

In other news, we took KC to a baby exercise class this morning which he seemed to enjoy greatly. There was a lot of bouncing and jumping on mats, stair climbing backwards and forwards, hanging on to a balance bar, rattling bells, and playing with bubbles. My co-worker, Susan, takes her 8-month old daughter, Addie, every Friday, and we went as their guests.

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Serena said...

Catherine, as we mentioned, sorry to hear about Tom.

Roberta, Sid and I first met him at that breakfast at First Watch downtown - when we first met most of Ken's family.

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