Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Sorry for the poor photography, but thought I would show the AL house and neighbors. Guess which one is the AL house and which are the neighbors'?

My suggestion was just to stick up a menorah on the garage door and mezzuzah near the door and be done with it, but I was out-voted.
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Harold and Jean said...

Serena is on the ball at reporting the latest news. Sure looks like some had professional Christmas decorators.


Catherine said...

Nice to look at, but we are more into the minimalistic celebration. We did put up two decorations that I found with my Christmas postcards, but one fell down already.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I would guess the Uible lights would be the bottom photo---chosing a simple Christmas celebration???

Serena said...

Yes, MV, you are right. The well lighted house belongs to Margarite and Napoleon - the photograph really doesn't do it justice. They have done a great job - not just the front of the house, but also the side and back.

The roofmates - Harry and Cathy have also done a great job - although not as many lights as Margarite and Napoleon, but more garlands, greenery, etc. - less flash, more subtlety. Also great looking.

We did spend $3.96 (plus tax) at the $.99 Only Store and I did spend maybe 6 minutes putting up all 4 decorations.

The other neighbors are lower key - than Margarite and Napoleon and Cathy and Harry, but certainly more out there than we are.

Many SCWers either seem to go all out or nothing at all. There are some that really are quite . . . bright. As Dad would say, they must have stock in the electric company.

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