Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgivings past

While waiting for Roberta's Ireland post, and thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, here's a few unrelated Thanksgiving thoughts:
  • Our reunion in 2004 (?) in Newark to see Kate in the Nutcracker
  • The successes and occasional meltdowns of Thanksgiving dinner preparations
  • The parade of guests through the New Vienna dining room -- Eloise Simpkins, and Miss Letty being two I remember well. Help me think of others....
  • Grandma & Granddad's leaving for Florida right after Thanksgiving (or did they go before that?) I know they often came home on/around Easter.


Serena said...

I remember going to Bruces' house one year for Thanksgiving. Mrs. Bruce fixed dried corn because she remembered eating it at Ballantynes' house for Thanksgiving every year. After we left, Mother said she remembered never liking dried corn.

I remember the hot telephone wires when John brought Julie home for Thanksgiving. A lot of speculation that she was THE ONE.

I remember hearing about the time Mother forgot to turn on the oven until way late in the day.

I remember being at Mary Virginia's for Thanksgiving one year and Don had a bet going that he could eat an entire box of cornbread stuffing. (and I helped - spoken with a Southern accent) He did eat most of it, but I guess I didn't help enough.

Catherine said...

Ah, yes, the Bruces. How could that not have come to my mind earlier. I don't remember anything about telephone wires but I do remember the not putting the turkey in the oven soon enough.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

As I recall, Blanche Mathews was a regular that I remember although there was always a large variety of folks. Joe and Melissa were regulars when he was at UC, as I recall. I don't remember EVER having Thanksgiving anywhere EXCEPT New Vienna.

Serena said...

There was also Eloise Simkin's mother.

Bessie Bohl, maybe?

Blanche Matthews did she live on 3rd Street behind Grandma?

Helen Chestnut, I think maybe also joined us for a while.

Mrs. Smith, the babysitter?

Roberta said...

I am about Young Ho Kim? OR was that Easter Sunday? Thanks for posting the pictures, Serena. Did you get your bike wheel fixed yet? We had butternut squash tonight. Oh, I am off the subject.....

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Bessie Bohl was Carole Allen's mother, I think. I don't remember Mrs. Smith other than vaguely as a babysitter while mother was at the library, I think. I don't remember Mrs. Simpkin's first name. Did Eloise stay in that house until her own death or did she move before she died?

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