Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rocking chair

This is the "new" rocking chair we got at the thrift store. I decided to go ahead and snap the photo while the chair was still in the garage since the living room is still relatively full of patio furniture - I brought in that furniture so that the sun wouldn't beat down on fabric, etc. all summer when it is too hot for sane people to sit out on a patio anyway. Probably should have turned the chair around so that I could have taken the photo with the sun at my back - I just thought since it is a relatively cloudy day . . . Oh well.
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This photo was taken in the AL garage - those wooden doors enclose large storage areas.

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Catherine said...

Serena, you all have been busy shopping and looks like some good buys! How was your outing with Pat this week? I sent her another email but have gotten no response. She may need another computer session.

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