Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cool morning in SCW

It is only about 83 degrees so far this morning, so I've been able to open all the windows and the front door to air out the house some. By this week-end I may be able to go back to the Spring routine. Leave air-conditioning off during the day, turn it on at 9pm to cool down the house - electricity rates are lower 9pm - 9am and weekends - like long distance. Turn off the AC when I go to bed, then open up the house in the early morning to air it out and cool it off again. Then by about 8am - the house has to be closed up again because of the rising heat. The house actually stays pretty cool with the shutters closed.

Since about June 1st, this is only the second time I've wanted to have the windows open - it is usually in the 90s - if not the 100s - even EARLY, EARLY.

Well, I've had my breakfast first course - a "shake" with berries, carrot, spinach, banana, cinnamon in it. I'm working my way through a Costco bag of spinach - 40 oz. I'll be ready for a new bag of it soon. Next course is coffee with milk.

By the way, I was reading an article recently about super healthy foods and one of the foods mentioned was lima beans - which I still hate. That, and raisins, were the two foods on the list that I just don't eat. (Spinach, carrots, berries, cinnamon and bananas were ALSO mentioned - and I "invented" my shake before I read the article.)

I'm meeting Pat Odom this morning at Chez Nous - we're going to go pick up her Rec Center card at the administration office, then I'm going to show her Beardsley and Palm Ridge Rec Centers. She is interested in the indoor pools. Also, today is supposed to be the re-opening of the SCW thrift store (it was closed last week) and I've heard rumors of a great sale, so I'm going to hit there first.

As far as when Monika is here . . . I know I had suggested breakfast, but another possibility is pizza. I'd make pizza dough and sauce

Anyway, time to get going . . .

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Good golly, Serena, you were up and out early, evidently---or at least on your toes early! I'm finally getting to the point where I don't mind oatmeal for breakfast and I DO like raisins in it...as well as pecans! I can't say I've ever craved spinach, and especially not at breakfast.

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