Sunday, February 11, 2007

wonderful pictures

Just a quick note to say how pleasantly surprised I was this morning to find new pictures upon my arrival to the UIBLE blog! And from the youngest members on up! Sid just asked me again about the LOVE LETTERS we went to last night with Barbara Eden (is she the one or not the one that moved her nose?) and Hal Linden. Long story made short for those outside of the AZ Territory (you know it was one until 1912) we were given comp tickets and I can see why the tickets at $55 each were available! Details to follow. Please Serena!?!
Best of Sundays to one and all.....Roberta the poster


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Yes, Barbara Eden twitched her nose...

Serena said...

No, Barbara Eden did NOT twitch her nose . . . not as Jeannie. She crossed her arms and bobbed her head.

Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens on Bewitched twitched her nose.

I've told Roberta that at least 12 times over the past 3 days.

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