Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good Morning from Ballad

Thanks Serena for getting me this far! I won't take much time to tell you why I can't write more now, but I am on my way over to look at a piece of furniture for the folks! It is a cute miniature desk, which could be used as a table, etc. Stay tuned!

Did anyone else eat pancakes last night? We ate some at the Espiscopal Church, after we went by the Lutheran Church where we thought they were having pancakes, but it looked like a formal dining experience there, so we did not crash the party!

We did get in a bike ride yesterday with me wearing shorts, but long sleeves! The bad news is on the home front that Sid has lost his wallet, which we spent hours looking for last night! We will re-trace our bike route, but my thought is that is is squirred away under a layer or two inside this house!

I just had some of Serena's excellent bread! More to follow.....that is of me eating more bread and writing more if I can get back on this! Love to all, Roberta the poster!


Mary Uible Crowson said...

We had pancakes last night as well at FIRST UMC downtown, sponsored by their youth choir. I ate my fill as I am giving up bread for Lent this year. RUK can eat my quota until 4/8!
I take it the new duplex is not furnished; where are the folks storing these pieces of furniture until move in day?

Roberta said...

Greetings from the tax headquarters on Ballad! The short answer is so far the folks have just gotten a nice oak table with extension and 4 chairs which are now where they are now. The new place does come with a complete set of bedroom furniture.....very nice and a chair for the living room, a TV and stand, and a bike for Dad! Today we went to the Thomasville furniture place but we kept out hands in our pockets, then to a large consignment place, looking for treasures. Stay tuned! Roberta the poster

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