Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day After

Had a great supper and visit last night with Mom & Dad, Roberta, Serena, Mavis, Lester, Gerry and I plus our special Valentine's visitor, Mister KC -- who smiled and cooed appropriately while being passed around, fussed over, and admired. He sat right up at the table in his bouncy vibrating chair. I'll attach a picture later. The SCW crowd moved on after 8pm in order to make a furniture shopping stop on the way home. We were sorry to miss, Sid. Hope he's feeling better today. KC went to sleep shortly after 9pm, and slept until 2am, then again until 6am so can't complain about loss of sleep during his visit. Hoping to take him to babytime later this morning, before I go to work at noon. Gerry, Mavis and Lester will babysit until Wendy gets off work and picks him this afternoon.

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