Monday, February 12, 2007

Izaak Walton Inn - Montana

Here's my top choice of reunion locations! In thinking of past reunions though, I think a list would be helpful so here's a start. I'm guessing at dates, so please correct me and I'll update.

Christmas in Phoenix - 1989
Grand Canyon - 1993
Estes Park, Colorado - 1994
Essex, Montana - 1996
Lexington, Kentucky - 1997
Williamsburg, Virginia - 1998
Glorieta, New Mexico - 1999
Shenandoah, Virginia - 2000
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2001
Dahlonega, Georgia - 2002
Yosemite, California - 2003
Newark, Ohio - 2004
Lake Worth, Florida - 2007

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Nice post Catherine and the dates are great! The grand canyon was the first I remember and it was 1993 because Ginny was not quite big enough to walk and Julie was pregnant with Kate (odd way to remember things, but...) And Estes Park was June 1994 because I'm remembering we got a Barney cake to celebrate Ginny's 2nd birthday there. Glacier was August (or thereabouts) because I've got a picture of MUH and Don cutting the birthday cake together...

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