Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sickness and Health

I'm glad to report that I'm emerging from a bad bout of cough/fever -- about time too since today marks a week since I came down with this lingering malaise. Gerry has also been under the weather so we've both been napping lots and taking antibiotics. Now we just need to regain our strength and get back to the healthy side of life! In other news I went to my rheumatologist who says I'm making progress, but will probably need the full two years worth of forteo -- the daily injection for osteoporosis. Which means only 21 months to go and then my bones will be all healthy and strong! She also gave me a prescription for physical therapy so I'm in hopes of improving my back and abdominal exercising which have been null since my injury last summer. I hope to start the therapy after I get feeling better.


Serena said...

You certainly appeared to not be sick at the wedding.

Catherine said...

Yes, thank goodness for that. That's when I thought it was just a one day thing, but later that evening I got terrible chills. Hope you are doing OK, Serena, of course, you had already had some kind of bad flu hadn't you? Just glad I didn't recontaminate Mom and Dad!

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