Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wendy & Ken's wedding

I'm just now downloading the pictures from our camera to see if we have any good ones from the wedding event. I am happy to report that Wendy looked beautiful, Ken very handsome -- both a bit nervous but Quentin Tolby's (the Officiant) continued mispronunciation of Wendy's name as "Wednesday" brought a bit of humor to the ceremony. KC held up well and approximately 40-50 friends and family enjoyed the ceremony and party afterwards in Marsha's (Ken's mom) backyard. Wendy & Ken are now honeymooning in Sedona while KC spends the weekend with us. They return tomorrow, and back to work/reality on Tuesday. Gerry and I have both been suffering from bad coughs/fever with hot flashes and chills -- I'm feeling better today but Gerry is worse so hopefully soon we'll both be recovered. Official pictures should be available soon.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

WOW! How cool!

Serena said...

It was a really lovely wedding.

I ran into Joanna, too. She was the girl who went to the family reunion in Colorado with Wendy Jean Morgan (now Counts) back when they were 16.

We reminisced about old times. She said that she remembered me vividly (or something to that effect). I said that that must be because I was (and still am) Wendy Jean's favorite, sanest, nicest, kindest aunt. Joanna said "Yes!" although she may have phrased it more like "yeah, sure".

The food after the wedding was Mexican and very good. They had really nice flowers and little tea candles everywhere so the atmosphere was very nice.

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