Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From the Georgia Contingent

Welcome home to the NV Uibles and hope everyone is getting back to "normal"---I was thrilled to see a post from RUK, which has been much missed on the blog! After the trip to Virgina, I think we are getting back in the routine just in time for the final 5 weeks of school. It doesn't seem possible that April is more than half over!
Upcoming dates of interest...
May 4 Children's Choir (Church) Musical (Christian)
May 17 Community Girl's Choir Concert (Ginny)
May 18 Piano Recital (Ginny and Christian)
June 2-6 Youth Choir to Nashville, TN
June 8 Adult Spring Musical
June 22 Dedication of New Organ and first concert


Serena said...

RUK's post?

Roberta said...

I know I thought about posting.....does that count?

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