Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here I thought I would be #1, but now I am #3

I was going to be the first to post in February, to make sure the blog was still in business......but I am happy to be #3 in line! It appears the Arizona computers are the first to post......

We are enjoying the new-found warm weather, having been for a bike ride the last few days! We want to be ready for the 12 mile bike ride in Glendale in April!

Let's plan a trip to Whole Foods, as Sid says he is never found a grocery yet that he didn't like! He does have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, which after that I plan to start planning some trips for us. The first week in March (or is it the second?) I am off to a Tops retreat in Prescott. I plan to take plenty of warm clothes with me, as well as some extra food too!

More later, the bicycle is calling me........Roberta the poster

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