Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot Summer in the City

Anybody else see the NYT article in today's paper about Phoenicians who summer in San Diego every year?

If today is 110 degrees or above it will be the 27th day to do so this summer - which ties a record. My little weather add-on on my Internet browser says high of 109 degrees in SCW. The tv news is forecasting 112, I think.

Anyway, the link for the article is in the title of this post or here. It is a permalink which means that unlike regular NYT link - which expire (well, they don't exactly expire, but after 7 days they link to the payment required article).

It is interesting to compare the most blogged NYT articles to the most emailed NYT articles. The most blogged are almost always much more political. So many political blogs.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

I know it's been WAY hot here...a cold spell would be to have a couple days under 100*! The heat has been nearly oppressive here with humidity making the heat index hover around 110-115. Too hot to be outside!

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