Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Eggery and the weather in West Palm Beach

I had a very nice breakfast with Catherine, Gerry, Wendy Jean, Ken, Sarah (one of Ken's sisters), Katie (Sarah and Ken's niece) and KC this morning a The Eggery. The food was good and it is a very nice place - we went to the one at Camelback and Central. By the way, there was mention there that there is now (or coming soon) an Egg and I restaurant at 83rd and Union Hills. Both Katie and KC were very quiet.

Catherine and I discussed that they will be picking me up about 6:00 a.m. Monday to leave for Florida. That way I can clean out the kitty litter one last time before I leave (since the next change won't be until Wednesday mid-day).

The weather here is quite nice and looks like West Palm Beach will also be very nice next week - the link for the weather site that I use is here.


Catherine said...

Thanks for the brunch write-up, Serena! Our next trip will be a bit longer AND will include more than one meal.

Roberta said...

Greetings from outside the ship, I can't believe I got the UIble blog here in the Virgin Islands! We are enjoying eating out every breakfast! WIll try now to send this, let me know if it works! Roberta the poster

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