Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday in Bellingham, Washington

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The above photos I took this morning. The top one out of Pat's living room window. The bottom two . . . need I say? They are of Dinky. Dinky is wearing a sweater and is surrounded by three blankets. After I took the two photographs, I covered her back up with the blankets.

I finished the Kellerman book - it got worse and worse. By the end I was completely disgusted. I am now finishing the Josephine Tey book which is excellent and should start 3rd later today and hope to finish at least four before Roberta picks me up at the airport Tuesday.

One or two more inches accumulation of snow are expected later today.

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Catherine said...

It's cold here too! Of course, nothing like those northern states where it gets REALLY cold. See you later this week!

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