Wednesday, June 25, 2008

S. J. Dailey

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Is it Sara Jean or Sarah Jane Dailey? I have two different photos - one with what appears to be Mother's handwriting indicating the latter. The other is a much fancier handwriting - I assume Aunt Virginia's. Anyway, one has the name spelled Sara Jean, one spelled Sarah Jane - or maybe it is a problem with the handwriting/reading.

I have posted a number of new photographs on the Picasa Web Album - trying to get the Ballantyne/Dailey photos up before the trip East. Those Daileys have the freckles - or at least had.

The photo with Rudisills, Roberta and Catherine is in the Picasa Web Album - was that actually taken at Grandma's/Granddad's? The steps don't look quite right to me.
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full window
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