Sunday, March 23, 2008

Celebrating Easter with Chinese food

Today we had a nice Easter lunch at Good China in Peoria.

Mom and Dad were there. Roberta and Sid were there. Catherine and Gerry were there. Wendy Jean, Kenneth Charles II, and Kenneth Charles III were there. Pat, her niece Shannon and her husband Kim were there. I was there, too. Dinky had to stay in the car.

The restaurant was pretty quiet - except for our table. By the way, I heard Wendy Jean make some comment about Ken mentioning Wendy Jean's crazy aunts . . . I'm sure he was referring to Julie, Mary Virginia and Roberta.

I got a beautiful Easter Lily at lunch.


Roberta said...

We sure enjoyed Easter lunch.....but I can't wait till KC can say BERT

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Where are the pictures? Of the lily, KC, everyone else? WHAT IS WENDY'S NEWS?????

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