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August 1, 1989-99

Alaska and Hawaii

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Kauai, Hawaii] Didn't sleep too well, we have room 12, in building F, nice living room with porch, 2 beds in separate room, bath and kitchen.  Went for walk along water up to the Sheraton, buffet was $9.95, near us is Porky where buffet is $3.95 and looked about the same.  Went for a swim and headed north about 10am, visiting the Kilauea Lighthouse (built 1913) and church built of volcanic stone.  Drove around the big development at Princeville.  Had lunch at Charo's near Haena Beach Park.  Lots of beautiful green scenery, reminded me of pictures I have seen of the hills near Guilin China.  Had ice cream at Lappert's, small cone is $1.75, nice library in Kapaa but no sign outside.  Traffic is virtually a constant stream.  Drove up to Opaekaa Falls and visited the market area.  Had supper in our room, had bought a very good pineapple at 39¢/lb.

Wednesday 1990 - We walked down to Ralph's and got ice cream cones, 45¢ for the small size.  Visited Ray Rayl on the way home.  They built the house in 1982, came here because they thought NV was a friendly place.  Got water bill, 417 cubic feet, base rate is $3.67 + usage $10.42, sewer $10 + $5.62, total $33.01.

Thursday 1991 - [Denali National Park to Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Left the Crow's Nest and Don and Jean took the 50 minute helicopter ride.  Breakfast at McKinley Cabins about 14 miles south, had a big bowl of hot cereal.  Jean got bag at Wasilla Library, we went to Carr's and got some fruit in the PM, also the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla.  Visited Eklutna Historical Park which included a Russian Church.  Went to the Loussac Library [in Anchorage], they closed at 4.  Ended up eating at Phyllis's [Cafe and Salmon Bake] as other places had a 45 minute wait.

Saturday 1992 - Crowsons got a slow start, were going to see Ruth S. and then to Middletown to see frineds.  Catherine called at 8:15, 5:15 her time.  Had our first red tomato out of the garden.  John and Julie played tennis here in NV.

Sunday 1993 - [Jacksonville to Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater] Breakfast came with our room.  Supper to be at one of the best restaurants in Oregon.  Took a tour of the [Southern Oregon University] facility in the afternoon.

Tuesday 1995 - Wrote final checks on GHU estate.  Then RS Clearance is supposed to be coming.  Jean went to Dr. Moore here in NV, then to CMH for x-ray, she has some congestion in her chest.  First rain in about a month.  Gene and Hilda left for Amsterdam.

Thursday 1996 - [Calgary, Alberta Canada] To Olympic Park, simulated a bob sled ride.  Ate at the Tea Room.

Friday 1997 - Martha Freeland in office with granddaughter for dissolution, her second and she will be 20 in November, what a problem.  Also Randy Whalen matter.

Saturday 1998 - [Niagara-on-the-Lake to Toronto Ontario Canada]

Sunday 1999 - Had SS lesson on Ezekiel 25.

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July 31, 1989-99

Busy Traveling

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [to Kauai, Hawaii]  Left NV about 7:15, made a business visit to A.I.D. to pick up a check.  Had plenty of time to make our American Airlines flight to Chicago, airport parking is $2.75/day for the first week, then $1.75/day.  Our DC-10 non-stop to Honolulu was virtually full, had lunch about 3pm (Ohio time) then they started the movie when we got over the ocean.  At Honolulu we took the shuttle bus to the InterIsland terminal for Kauai, three nights at the Plantation Hale with rental car for $95/day, had three-room apartment.  AAA had originally booked us into the Coconut Beech hotel and with car would have been $150/day.  We were both sleepy with the six hour time change, we walked over to Foodland Food Market and bought $21 in groceries, bananas 89¢/lb.

Tuesday 1990 - Have SS phone appointment, getting bricks at Wells pointed up ['91 mortar replaced].

Wednesday 1991 - [Denali National Park Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] We drove around on our own, had breakfast at the Premium place, made reservations to go to the Cabin Night program, like a salmon bake but served with entertainment, $22 each.

Friday 1992 - We went to Murphin Ridge for supper, had Vegetarian Delight for $8.95.  Desserts are $8.50.  Brought back the two new chairs.  John and Julie arrived with pictures of their scrapbook that John had made.  GHU was wide awake today.

Saturday 1993 - [Eugene to Jacksonville OR] Had breakfast at the Valley River Inn (4*), very scenic along the Willamette River.  Had reservations at the Jacksonville Inn in Jacksonville.  Took the trolley bus ride  around the "city."  In the evening we went to the Britt Festival, outdoor seating, $16 each.  For $2 less could sit on blankets in the back.

Monday 1995 - Jo Williams is 85, she showed me this ledger book of 1820 that someone had pasted poems over the ledger sheets.

Wednesday 1996 - [Wetaskiwin to Calgary, Alberta Canada] Went to the Dinosaur [Royal Tyrrell] Museum, then on to Calgary at the Crowhead Inn.  Ate supper at Cannery Row.  Walked over to the Palliser Hotel.

Thursday 1997 -  Went to Main Medical, $47 office call for class 3 (?), my part was $7.  The Doan Trial is still on.  [Blanchester kidnapping/murder case]  New Vienna has new curb and sidewalk on the east side of S.R. 73 on the south side of town.  Feeling better [sick yesterday] though I haven't taken any of the pills.  Dug onions out of garden, had our first cabbage and yellow squash today.

Friday 1998 -  [Ashland OH to Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada]  Motel [AmeriHost] had continental breakfast, then to Specialty Advertising with next stop at Pennsylvania Welcome Station.  Lunch – picnic – at Angola NY rest stop.  No picnic facilities so used rock in parking lot as a table.  A mile back-up at NY toll booth, took long route to get to Jenny's ice cream place mentioned in Mobil tour book.  Finally got gas at 103.9¢, 12 gallons for 444 miles.  Pretty drive to Niagara-on-the Lake.  Bike path (bike rentals $7 for first hour, $3/hour for each additional hour or $22/day.)  In Room 2250 at the Prince of Wales Hotel, opened in 1864.  Had dinner reservations at 5:30, we were there for two hours.  Jean had salmon in a pastry pocket and I had a 10oz steak with mashed potatoes in a tall pastry shell.  Jean had a big piece of chocolate cake and each of our tea pots held 3 cups.  Went to Play "You Can't Take it With You" at Festival Theater Auditorium, seats in row "O."  This, supper, breakfast and Fort George are all part of the package plan.  The play was funny.  Gal told me they have 84% sell out for the three theaters.

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July 30, 1989-99

Lots of compliments for MV

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - MV had charge of music at Emmaus meeting – a lot of compliments.  We went over at 4:00, testimonials ended about 6:30.

Tuesday 1991 - [Denali National Park Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Had breakfast at McKinley Chalet; got glass bolo tie.  Ice cream at Lynd Creek Pizza, 1 dip $2, two dips $2.75.  Bought video of "Iditarod Race," I talked with producer.  Had tickets for shuttle ride into the park at 1pm, 66 miles to the Eielson Visitor Center.  Buses every 20 minutes, saw caribou, grizzly bear and two cubs, fox, marlots, a lot of sheep and many glaciated areas.  As usual Mt. McKinley was clouded over.  [The name of the park was changed from McKinley National Park to Denali N.P. and Preserve in 1980, but despite local opposition the mountain has maintained the name Mt. McKinley.]

Friday 1993 - [Vancouver WA to Eugene OR] We drove up to Mt. St. Helens, the Forest Visitor Center just opened this year.  [Eruption on May 18, 1980 was the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the US.]  Spent the night in Eugene with the Morgans, had supper at a Chinese Restaurant near the Best Western motel and the University of Oregon.

Saturday 1994 - Went to Otterbein Home, house open, Wayne Wills is 83, just got married last week.  Lone line at the Fish Fry.  We had a snack, ice cream cones 50¢.  Ate at 4:00, Don and Martha Ann Bernard were just behind us in line.

Sunday 1995 - Jean had SS lesson on Job.  Minister and Mary [MUH] here for lunch then Jean helped with Emmaus in Wilmington.  I cleaned out some files at Wells.  Still hot.  Phoenix had 118°, 96° here.

Tuesday 1996 - [Edmonton to Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada] Went to Wetaskiwin for Reynolds-Alberta Transportation Museum, very interesting. 

Wednesday 1997 - Dizzy all day, after vomiting in pm I felt better.

Thursday 1998 - [to Ashland OH] Left home about 3pm, brief stop at London Public Library, ice cream place nearby.  Supper at Der Dutchman in Plain City, bigger than Waynesville.  Stopped at Delaware Public Library, then to Ashland, drove by National Latex [?] and Eagle, then to AmeriHost, Room 229.

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July 29, 1989-99

Shower for Ginny in Wilmington

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1990 - After SS (only 36 there) and Church we went to Ponderosa.  Bought NY Times for $3.  We are staying with Mother tonight.  She has some tender spots on her "bottom" from sitting too much.

Monday 1991 - [Fairbanks to Denali National Park Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Got away at 10, Jan [Underhill in whose house they were staying] is quite a talker.  Back downtown, Jean bought shirt at FWW [Woolworth's], they had postcards 8/$.  To Pump House for lunch, sat on veranda near the water.  Then to musk oil farm.  Great road rise going south.  Nice gift shop near Mile 80.  Got to Denali about 8pm, room 408 at the Crow's Nest, great view, small but nice room.  Ice cream at the Park Hotel, $1.75.

Wednesday 1992 - Crowsons arrived.  Shower at Colleen G's for Ginny on West Main next door to Dr. Hales in Wilmington.  Serena also here, she talks of moving to another apartment in August.  More rain, what a wet month.

Thursday 1993 - [Vancouver WA] We went with the Morgans up the Columbia River Gorge, the falls and the dam.  Lunch in Portland then to Powell's bookstore.

Friday 1994 - [Zanesville OH to home] Drove to Dresden, visited the museum, world's largest basket across the street.  A huge factory area and new building in a new area.  Pat told us she hopes to have her knee operation this fall.  Had lunch at Victorian place in Granville.  Bill about the same.  Putting up new curtains in kitchen.

Saturday 1995 - Lowell Cowman's auction, house brought $39,000.  Then to Otterbein Home, no line at all.  Mary [MUH] enjoyed the barbershop quartet.   Chuck Dilgard was our tour guide on the bus there.  Saw Mrs. Finch and Marie Broomhall, she is grisly.  The Stephens in the lobby.  Bought floor lamp and travel rack at the Cellar.  Car wouldn't start, dead battery.

Monday 1996 - [Jasper to Edmonton, Alberta Canada] Got to Edmonton about 11:30 and ate at Side Track downtown.  we walked through McD..... Hotel, great river view around capitol building, surprised to see kids using water pools.  Then to Ft. Edmonton.  Into three time zones today.  At B&B, $70 for the three of us.  Went to "E" mall, ate on Bourbon St.  Beautiful beach area with waves.

Thursday 1999 - Met the Goodings at Otterbein Home for fish fry at 11:30, $5 pre-purchased or $6 at door.  Kettering band played.  Had quite a talkative lady on first floor in Marble Hall.  Saw museum on 3rd floor.  Bob G. never for lack of words.  At 4:30 had pie and ice cream, where Jean ran into Helen Lehmann, who with her husband had moved to Willow St. 3+ years ago from Batavia and seems to like it real well.  Talked with Wayne Wills, he is 88.  Got 3 hamburgers at White Castle take-out for $1.23 (big deal).

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July 28, 1989-99

Wendy looks at colleges

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Jean worked at Emmaus meeting.

Sunday 1991 - [Fairbanks Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Breakfast at 8:45: cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi, etc., fish, ham, fried potatoes, breads and beverages.   Mrs. Underhill went with us to the Friends Meeting, one hour of silence.  Then the UofA Museum, the agricultural experiment station which had broccoli larger than my hand.  Salmon bake for supper – ribs, halibut, and salmon, all you wanted for $15.95 and we had a $2 off coupon.  Went to Copper Creek Resort and saw pictures of the Aurora Borealis.

Tuesday 1992 - This is a typical note that Sadie would write for us [concerning Grandma]:  [Note attached:  Tues., Harold, Pretty good today.  Ate fairly well, all milk and shake for supper.  But still not eating like she did.  Wed., Very alert, ate good lunch and all grapes by herself and drank by herself too.  Tired.  Back to bed after lunch.  Outside from 10:30 to 12, to church in A.M.]

Wednesday 1993 - [to Vancouver WA] Left for Portland Oregon, the Morgans have been there looking over colleges [primarily Evergreen State in Olympia WA where she later went for one summer].  We go to Ashland OR for Elderhostel on Shakespeare beginning 8/1.  Will see Midsummer Night's Dream.  Got Alamo Rental Car, Catherine had reservations for us at Nendel's in Vancouver WA.

Thursday 1994 - [to Zanesville]  Jean had Dr. appointment in Wilmington then to Columbus.  Lunch at Rigsby's, 698 N. High – very nice!  We split a sandwich and had plenty.  Had appointment with George Carey, re Wells and IRS.  Met Jean at the library.  Drove to Zanesville, supper at Italian Restaurant on N. Maple (Rt. 60) where we met Bob and Pat Ballantyne and John.  (Julie stayed home with Kate as she had ear infection.)  Stayed at Super 8 with the Ballantynes, separate rooms. 

Friday 1995 - Mary [MUH] fell en route to answering the phone.

Sunday 1996 - [Jasper, Alberta Canada] Drove up to Mt. Edith Cavell [named in 1916 for Edith Cavell, an English nurse executed by the Germans during World War I for having helped allied solders escape from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands, in violation of military law.]  One way traffic starts at 10AM, then alternating.  Had brunch at Chateau Jasper, great deal for $9.  Went on tour walk.  First train came here in 1912, road came in 1938.

Wednesday 1999 - Had [Charles] Day hearing in Wilmington, then to Batavia to file Leach Estate papers, then to Sankers where we had lunch at their house (thought we would eat out).  Bill took us on a ride in a '35 Ford (last year to have horn on outside of engine and first year to have two tail lights).  Went to White Castle with them, fish sandwich, 75¢ (wouldn't order another one).  They had just returned from Santa Barbara where Bill Campbell celebrated his 80th birthday.

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July 27, 1987-99

Wendy's is Kate's favorite

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1987 - [west of Guttenberg Iowa to west of Kearney Nebraska] Lunch in Kearney, NE, van has 55,873 [miles].

Thursday 1989 - Took Jane [or Jean?] Kantner to Emmaus walk in Wilmington.  Hurriedly put out broccoli plants – what I had thought was broccoli was small cabbage.

Friday 1990 -  We, Mary, and Bill left Midland at 6:30pm on the train ride to Greenfield, cruising speed was about 25 mph.  There were 2 tables (six of us) in the observations car, also a club car, an observation car,  a coach and a diner.  Cost was $40 each.  Had an appetizer of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, also cheese and crackers, entree of chicken and green beans or beef on rice, strawberries over cake to wind up.  The meal was finished when we reached Greenfield.  Also had mushrooms, meatballs and all kinds of cookies.  Back in Midland at 9pm.  Got our Hilton card today. 

Saturday 1991 - [Fairbanks Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Breakfast at the bakery, then to visitor center, walked around downtown, then took ride on the boat Discovery III ($29.50 each).  Made a stop at Indian Village.  Mary Shields had demo on dog sled routes, etc.  In PM went to Alaskaland [now called Pioneer Park], ate at a Greek Restaurant and then went ⃞ dancing, $10/couple. 

Wednesday 1994 - Laura Hughes in the office.  She certainly has a negative attitude.

Thursday 1995 - Went early to Wilmington for Noon Leadership meeting.  Jean got new doorbell (the old one quite working), and I got a new wrist strap for my watch.  Got Marion Schantz (she was 86 last week) and took her and MUH to Murphin Ridge for supper, she seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Saturday 1996 -  [Banff to Jasper, Alberta Canada] To Morrow Lake.  At Lake Louise had lunch in Poppy Restaurant in Hotel.  Rode Snow Bus at Columbia Ice Field, $20/each.  Glacier was spongy,  Ate at Something Restaurant in Jasper, staying at Mt. Robson Motel.

Sunday 1997 - [east of Rhode Island, with John, Julie and Kate to Newark to home] Left Hampton Inn at 7:30, room was $59 and were in the "Chapel" in Akron for 10:40 service, near the UofA Campus, had trouble finding a seat.  They have four services on Sunday AM.  Spoke on Malachi 1 – what are we doing with our lives?  Had lunch at Wendy's, Kate's favorite.  A stop at Roscoe Village for ice cream, also at Longaberger, big plans for year 2000.  We left Newark at 4:30

Monday 1998 - Putting new roof on UMC SS rooms.  Lions magazine: 1,440,215 members and 43,897 clubs, 735 districts and 185 countries.

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July 26, 1987-99

Uncle Bill's last flight

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1987 - [Guttenberg Iowa to points west] Jean, MV, and Wendy arrived at 8:30, had picnic breakfast near the river.  Hosts took us for a ride on the river, what a HOT experience.  We took them out for dinner, got started west at 2pm with both bikes on van's top.

Thursday 1990 - Dug a few onions out of the garden. Went ⃞ dancing.  Jean working on Mother's Club 50th Anniversary program.

Friday 1991 - [Valdez to Fairbanks Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Left Valdez, beautiful drive through canyon, a little rough road from permafrost heaves.  Had lunch near Mile 190, finally a picnic table, many fish spawning.  Had reservations at Klondike Inn, much to be desired.  Through a lot of calls stayed with Jan and David Underhill, 1331 Pedro (six children) and a long story about their church.  Had supper at the ice cream place on College Rd, what a line.

Tuesday 1994 - Took Bill by air to University Hospital in Cincinnati, where they got him stabilized.  Put a ventilator in him.  Went out to see the Harners who gave us some pepper plants and also some sweet potato shoots.  O.D.'s eye still bothers him and he doesn't go to Dr.

Friday 1996 - [Kalispell MT to Banff, Alberta Canada] On to Banff.  Entry into park [Banff National Park] for three days is $24.  Spent four hours at Fort Steele [British Columbia, a gold rush boom town of 1864].  In Banff up to Upper Springs, big hotel.  Gas 56¢/liter, $1 worth $1.23 Canadian.

Saturday 1997 - [Rhode Island, with John, Julie and Kate] Left Green Tree in R.I. about 7, with a donut stop at Bess Easton.

Sunday 1998 - [Somerset KY to home] Went to 8:45 service at Somerset UMC, they seem to like their new minister.  Had brunch at Michael G's near airport, opened in spring of 1997.  They coated the parking lot at the UMC in NV.

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July 25, 1987-99

Christian pushes himself

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1987 - [end of RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: West Union to Guttenberg ~47 miles] Slept in basement in sleeping bag.  This couple married in June [or January].  For breakfast they had eggs, ham and beverage.  Roberta went to Sid's School Reunion, was back at 9am.  The Des Moines Register was sold out.  We ate at place sponsored by the Democrats, then when they saw us in Guttenberg said "We have seen you before, you look better now."  Had supper at a restaurant overlooking the river.  The Moritz's took us to friends for a swim.

Tuesday 1989 - We went to Wilmington, witnessed Mrs. Fenwick's will.  Met at the library, supper at Wendy's, Tuesdays special, Super salad bar for $3.89 less a $.

Thursday 1991 - [Valdez Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard]  Beautiful B&B, phone and TV in room, jacuzzi in the bathroom, also "night shades".  Great breakfast of juice, cereal, heavy sweet roll, fresh fruit and a big choice of beverages.  GG had message to call.  Don made reservations for oil line terminal tour.  Went to look for boat that Ted West works on, a large number of boats, and all the nets.  Visited fish processing plant.  Asked fellow at gas station twice about where a self service station was.  Had lunch at Pizza Parlor.

Saturday 1992 - [Auburn Indiana to home] Left Auburn with lunch at Palmer House in Berne IN.  They were having Swiss Days there.  Bought a baby coat, hangers, and measuring stick things for Ginny.  Had supper in Waynesville, what a huge place, one year old.

Monday 1994 - Item in Lions magazine: 1,417,352 members in 42,071 clubs.  [Lions Club International website, now lists 1.35+ million members in 45,000 clubs.]   Bill is difficult to handle.  More rain.

Tuesday 1995 - Mary [MUH] having trouble getting back on schedule.  She has plans for Joe's new house.  Using some of the fig bars and raisins that Roberta sent.  Bob Carey raving about Charm Country View Inn in Charm, Ohio.

Thursday 1996 - [to Kalispell MT] Flew to Kalispell, what a crowd.  Had lunch at old hotel, visited mansion.

Friday 1997 - [to Rhode Island? with JJK]  Lions Club: 1,430,305 members; 43,509 clubs.  Walter Schull born on Cleveland's east side near Hough Ave. and Crawford Road on 7/25/17.

Saturday 1998 - [at Aldersgate UMC camp near Ravenna Ky to Somerset KY with Ginny] Left camp at 10am, spent some time at Irvine Public Library.  Lunch at Food Court in Mall at Richmond.  Ginny's eyes are bigger than her appetite.  Staying at Somerset Motel.  Ginny was in the water for two hours.  Supper at Rockin Robin.  Christian seems very angelic and heavy.  He loves to push himself around the house in his walker.  Gas 86.9¢.

Sunday 1999 - Nancy Walker and her three children at Church.   SS picnic at Denver Park in Wilmington.  Judy Henderson Croghan had some gals dressed up with tin cars, etc.  Martinsville had a skit on Noah's Ark.  First Day of RAGBRAI.  Roberta got along fine.  [July 24-30, 2011 – RAGBRAI XXXIX]

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July 24, 1987-1999

MV sings, brings tears

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Osage to West Union ~72 miles] Got away at 6am, light rain.  First stop was Elma.  Little Turkey had a band, straw to sit on.  St. Lucas was another good stop.  Roberta bought a ½ cantaloupe with blueberries.  Reached West Union about 3pm.  We try to follow signs to "Team Wonder" who handle our luggage.  Have seen many "cute" signs, i.e. "Cash and Carry prices", plenty of free parking, rest room next 7 acres, toilet paper on fence posts with ← women and → men.  The family last night had sign out front welcoming us.  Watermelon on [Fayette County] Court House ⃞.

Tuesday 1990 - Rode our bikes out to Paul and Betty Terrells.  He hasn't walked in three years.  Mother has some of the same help that he has, Joyce and Sadie.  Recall or trip to NYC with the Terrells in 1957 (?).

Wednesday 1991 - [Homer to Valdez Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard]  Visited Kenai Princess Lodge in Cooper Landing, then got in line for RR trip from Portage to Whittier.  Drove up a ramp onto rail car where we sit, two long tunnels, we had picnic lunch in car.  Whittier has one 14 story building.  Ferry left at 3pm and we arrived in Valdez at 10pm.  [Oil spill was in March, 1989]  Great view of Columbia Glacier, some ice floating around.  [We were] on M.S. Bartlett, 236 people, had supper in boat restaurant.  Car cost was $70, and for the four of us $224.

Friday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to Indiana] Left ONU with stop in Defiance to see Kay Dick Romero (the atty who was in NV), she got married again 6/92.  We have been eating too much at ONU.  Stayed near Cris and Angela at a B&B, $47.25.  Ate at Cap Jorrell, a 4-star place in Fort Wayne, $14.95 each.  [Can't find anything like that there now.]

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Took Ginny to the Cracker Barrel at Exit 182 (just south of I-275) to meet MV and Sue (her travel companion) who were coming back from St. Olaf.  Then to downtown Cincinnati, what a crowd, thought we were in Africa, the annual jazz festival was on.  Met the Sankers, ate at Chinese Imperial Inn at 11042 Reading Road, $30 for the four of us.   Sankers had just gotten back from a seven day Alaskan cruise, as a stand-by through United Airlines.

Sunday 1994 - MV sang at church, as George Gano said her singing brings tears to our eyes.

Monday 1995 - Jean had meeting with Twig at CMH, then to Cincinnati to Mary (MUH), back from Phoenix.  Ate at Boston Chicken.  New Joseph Beth bookstore near Montgomery Road and Kemper where Card Factory is also, all cards 39¢.

Friday 1998 - [at Aldersgate UMC camp near Ravenna KY with Ginny] Lewis and Joanne Rickitts from Lexington, KY in charge, the kids silk screened their new t-shirts.  They sure enjoy the nice pool.  Campfire at 8:30.

Saturday 1999 - Got haircut at Greg's, $7.  He and his new bride Terri Wolfe went to Hilton Hawaii Village for a belated honeymoon.  Jeanne and Bill [Wolfe] also went with them.  Gene Williams here to work on our bathroom light.  Still up in the 90°s in the daytime and dry.  Roberta and four others start RAGBRAI.  Putting up curtains in Living Room after having new linings.

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 23, 1987-99

MV preaches

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Forest City via Joice to Osage ~54 miles] On the 8am tour of Winnebago, 37' is their best seller.  Saw "Cris" making "pan" cakes, have a real dispenser that "drops" 48 at a time.  We got going about 10am, virtually by ourselves.  Blan [?] is place that made news, their parade stood still and people walked around it.   [Only "stand still" parade I can find on the internet is in Whalan MN]  Sign says "population 5", actually at Joice we ate, being on the tail end we got reduced prices.  At St. Ansgar we caught up with the drinkers.  Kids were making a fortune picking up cans at 5¢ each, we picked a few ourselves.  Reached Osage at 5:30, John and Cassie really took us in.  They have 7 children, have been married 42 years.  Ate at UMC, Art was our guest, he was the one who had tandem with skeleton on the back, i.e. anti-tobacco industry.  The church had potato bar, choice of two toppings, salad bar and dessert bar.  We bought little at the "flea market".  Had a very nice room and felt good to be under roof during the storm.

Sunday 1989 -  MV had the "sermon" at Villars Chapel, met her at Ponderosa.  The Hortons left this AM for Mich.  Our church had an outdoor baptism at Caesar Creek Nature Preserve near Waynesville and what a downpour of rain.

Monday 1990 - Working on 5500 report

Tuesday 1991 - [Soldotna to Homer Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] En route to Homer visited Russian church.  Berry place there, got two pictures at an art studio, then Chows [in Homer] for lunch.  Went to Ice Circle Fish Place and ordered fish to be sent via Federal Express.  Supper at the Bakery, split dessert four ways.  Saw them unloading fish from a large boat and the assembly line on cleaning the fish.  The fisherman really line the shores and they all pull in the big ones.  Fellow at gas station told us twice where to get self service gas.

Thursday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Friday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting] Picked big bucket of beans.

Saturday 1994 - Bill complains of being hungry but can't get food down.  Got new triangular saw at Walmart.  Got carry-out food at new Chinese Restaurant near Walmart.

Sunday 1995 - A quiet Sunday pm at home, cleaned out the files on hotels and restaurants where we have stayed.

Tuesday 1996 - Painted "valleys" on our roof and play house roof.  Finishing up new pavement on 73 from Snow Hill to 3C Hwy.  Dean Bernard's funeral [He was born June 7, 1941, son of Arthur Woodmansee "Art" and Virginia Carey Bernard.  Virginia died in 2011, Art in 2006.]

Thursday 1998 - [Somerset KY to Ravenna Ky with Ginny]  About 10 left for Aldersgate UMC camp near Ravenna.  The stone masons came from Ravenna, Italy that built the iron furnace in 1869, said to be biggest in US.  Sack lunch for supper.  Nice accommodations.  [MV added om 2010 that Aldersgate UMC camp was a "Grand Camp," Ginny being the other half of the grand equation and that Ginny loved it.]

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 22, 1987-99

Biking 102 miles

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Fort Dodge to Forest City ~82 miles + 20 to make the century "100" mile day] The Collins' were up at 5:30, home made cinnamon rolls and razzle [berry] juice.  First stop was at Hardy IA, about 30 miles out, had Iowa Pork Chops at Corwith where they had straw over the tracks and a # of parachutes tied together.  The UMC had free ice water and we ate the Collins rolls.  Here [at Corwith] we took the Century Loop.  Had lunch in Britt, grocery store stop for quart of buttermilk, banana and apricots.  We got to Forest City about 3pm with 102 miles with no problem.  Signed up for the Winnebago tour the next AM.  Had supper at Chinese Restaurant one block north of [Winnebago County] Court House, buffet $6.  For $10 we had room 127 at Rasmussen Hall, Waldorf College.

Saturday 1989 -  Liberty [Savings Bank?] had open house, the old Huck Building.  [Clarence] Jr. Sheeter was out front in a tux to greet everyone.  With the Hortons we ate at CMH [assume Uncle Bill had been released].  Jim Allen invited us and Shaffers (who couldn't come) to their place for a picnic.  Planted beans (also picked the first ones) lettuce, and beets.  New asparagus plants are looking nice.  We went to see Show Boat at the Magic Waters outdoor Theater near 7 Caves.  Jean Kantner called, she is going on Emmaus Walk next week.

Sunday 1990 - Went to Wooden Spoon, buffet $5.95 including beverage and sweets.  We stayed with GHU, not too much rest when one is up 3 or 4 times taking her to the bathroom. 

Monday 1991 - [Anchorage to Soldotna Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Left Anchorage, saw some very large snow blowers.  On to Columbia Glacier, beautiful visitor building.  Lunch at Summit Lake Lodge [in Moose Pass].  Now two nights in Soldotna, supper at Four Seasons back in the woods.  Got fruit at nice stand, gal had just graduated from Kent State.  Discovered we had leak in tire.  Solid line of fisherman lining the river banks.

Wednesday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting]

Friday 1994 - Went to see South Pacific at Wilmington College, $7 each, 8-11pm.

Saturday 1995 - Went to Dayton, Sun Spot Village, they have a special dinner the last weekend of every July, then to Books and Co.  Supper at Welton's on Wilmington Pike.  Pretty good.

Monday 1996 - Jean had hospital meeting in Wilmington.  DPL bill, 918 KWH, $84.75 (33 days)

Wednesday 1998 - [to Somerset KY] Took Sankers out to lunch at Mariemont Inn for their anniversary, on to Somerset where we stayed at new Comfort Inn, pool was just being filled.  Had supper at Sonya's.  Jean and Ginny went to the movie, Madeline, $3.50 each.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 21, 1987-99

Uncle Bill to hospital, Ginny on toilet

HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1987 -  [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Storm Lake to Fort Dodge ~62 miles] RAIN.  Karen got locked in room.  Went 35 miles in the rain and near Ft. Dodge had bad head wind.  Saw Boys Town type place, free lemonade and yet had pop for sale.  Many places had garden hoses out in the yard if you wanted sprayed.  Stayed with the Dick Collins', 222 F Ave, Fort Dodge, two children, married in 1974.  We took them to 1st UMC for lasagna dinner.  Large Walmart here.  Serena worked here at one time.  The kids slept in the tent so we could have their rooms.

Saturday 1990 - NVUMC Men's Breakfast.  Brad [or Bud? the Roberts part is crossed out] Roberts spoke on the tongue – better to say nothing than too much.  Very good.  Trimmed the four bushes to the east of our driveway.

Sunday 1991 - [Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Went to the UMC at 9th and G Sts., all attending were visitors at that service.  Went to Ted West's home.  He went there 20 years ago through the Boy Scouts.  Buffet at O'Malley's on the Green.  Then Potter Marsh [scenic wildlife refuge] and Anchorage Museum.

Tuesday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting] New roof on parsonage garage roof next door, $870.

Thursday 1994 - [Ginny leaves] Phone rang about 3:15am.  Mary [MUH] said they had taken Bill to the hospital.  CMH thinks he has stomach virus, he is in room 215B.  Meeting at Airborne.  Don arrived.  Ginny had some luck on the toilet.

Friday 1995 - Martha Freeland and her grand-daughter were in the office.  Martha just can't say "No" to her.  Jean cleaning out file cabinet.  Interesting letter from Leslie Reynolds and our friend in Denmark.  Had lunch at Frisch's in Hillsboro.  Several NV people there including the Glenn Dayes, Jacque Laymons, Clara Sears and Mabel.  Visited Henry [Edwards] while Jean went to Bob and Carl's, milk on sale for $1.79/gal.  Surprise party for Marvin [?] and Betty Hall who are moving to Friendsville TN.  Dean Bernard passed away.  Weather really turned cool.  Borrowed cap from Mitch Gillett.

Wednesday 1999 - Serena headed west, made reservations to meet Roberta at Amana Colonies Iowa after RAGBRAI bike ride.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 20, 1987-99

Ginny not too peaceful

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Denison to Storm Lake ~55 miles] Had some fresh fruit and bread at the house, gone a couple of blocks and I realized the top of my speedometer was gone.  We were on the road at 6:30.  First stop was Kiron [14 miles], long wait for the restroom, ate while we waited.   Spent an hour in Schaller [41 miles] free popcorn and postcards.  The Carls had given us good directions to their home [Storm Lake], right on the lake.  Mrs. Carl took us down to get the luggage.  Nice underground building at the college [Buena Vista].  Jean called us about 5pm.

Friday 1990 - Met Sankers and took them to "J's" Restaurant in Regency Apt. House [Tower] on Madison.  Very nice ($79).  It is their 40th Anniversary.  Then to Fairfax to Walton [Creek] Theater to see "The Quilter" about a widow and her nine daughters.  Hard to stay awake.  The State has put up signs about the bridge reconstruction at the west edge of New Vienna.  John and Julie met Gerry and Catherine at the Columbus airport and brought them down.   Gerry seems to like running Best West RV.

Saturday 1991 - [Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] To the visitor center, walked around downtown.  Lunch at Simon and Seafort's, mix up on ½ portion of red and white salmon.  Drove out to UofA [University of Alaska Anchorage], Earthquake Park [site of 1964 Good Friday Earthquake, most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North America, 9.2 magnitude], seaplane area.  Supper at Carr's [grocery], still light at 11pm.

Monday 1992 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] Studying Amos and the mid-east.  The Democrat candidate for President VP (Clinton and Gore) were in Wilmington Ohio.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting] We met the Goodings, they had just gotten a new Chrysler, and Serena at the restaurant in Waynesville.  Ginny was not too peaceful.  Liver and onions was $6.95 with two vegetables.  Roast beef and pork were $6.50.  Got new IBM computer at Wells.  Called the Ballantynes re our September trip there. 

Wednesday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Picked first tomato, plenty of broccoli.

Thursday 1995 - Went to Wilmington.  Jean got her purse back at the Police Station and saw Dr. Kim.

Saturday 1996 - Filled dirt around concrete in back yard.  Thought MV was going to call us on way back from Minneapolis, but she went I-65 instead.  Waxed the pick-up and oiled my boots.

Monday 1998 - Lots of lightning, .8" of rain.

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 19, 1987-99


HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Onawa to Denison ~50 miles] Each of the overnight towns have souvenir newspapers.  The Denison Library to be open today 2-5.  Got started at 9am.  Really only made two stops, roadside fruit stand run by a guy working his way through college and lunch at the Ute UMC at 2pm.  Denison is really hilly.  First hill we had to walk.  Had trouble finding our luggage.  Our hosts had BIG burgers and fresh fruit.  [Michael] Dukakis crew [Dukakis was a Democratic presidential nominee in 1988] had free ice tea on the [Crawford County] Court House Square.  Plenty of entertainment and food.  Ate at the Masonic Hall.  Oldest person (on the trip) is 87.  Some people with small kids have bike trailers.

Wednesday 1989 - Went with the Harners to Hillsboro to visit Dr. N. J. Bodenhaven (?), on the east edge of Hillsboro on 124.  Quite an old house, was the center of US population in 1870.  He used to be an M.D. in NYC.  He recalled Douglas Pickens.  Had supper at Ponderosa, baked fish $5.49,  then to Quaker Meeting, the Wilmington yearly meeting.

Thursday 1990 - Took some "Club" books for Barbara Moore out to Fannie's house.  She sits on the porch and watches the sun go down, just to the right of Faris's house.  Went to Stacy's for lunch.  Arnold Appel was there.  Lunch $4.50.

Friday 1991 - [to Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard, *see below for link to full text of Alaska trip]  Up at 2:45, slept poorly, turned out I had turned the alarm off.  On the plane at 6am via Atlanta and Seattle, arrived at 2pm.  Had Dollar Rental Car for $155/week.  Staying at a B&B on O Street, $55/night.  Supper at Cyrano's [Bookstore]

Monday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting]

Tuesday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Went down to see Bo Streber on business, then we went wading, Ginny preferred the swings and we had a picnic at North Beach.  Gas 112.9¢.  Serena surprise us by being here when we got home.  Elderhostel International catalog came.  The [Cincinnati Bengals] football team starts practice today at Wilmington College.  [Bengals moved their training camp to Georgetown in 1997 after 29 seasons at W.C.]  At Rocky Fork the 14' Lund Boat for four people is $55/day or $33 for 3 hours.  Non weekend is $50 and $30.

Sunday 1998 - We met John, Julie and Kate at Terrace Lounge in WCH, buffet $6.95, closed at 2pm.  John and Julie are talking of adoption.

Monday 1999 - [Auburn IN to home] Big tour of Cris's "Auburn Gear,", CNC plans a machine shop at ~1900 Wayne Street [is this where Cris is now?].  Way over our heads.  Hope he makes it.  Got charger for cell phone in Lima.  Ate at Tudors, it was OK.  Stopped at Ginghamsburg UMC, opened in 1994, what a big active place.  Services on Saturday at 5:30 and 7 and three on Sunday: 9, 10:15 and 11:30, staff of 80.

*Post about Alaska Trip with Don & Martha Ann Bernard July 19 - August 2, 1991

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 18, 1987-99

Iowa Bike Trip

HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1987 - [to Iowa for bike trip] Had alarm set for 4:45, breakfast of melon and rice pudding.  Left home at 5:40, got to Dayton airport at 7am.  Took pictures at Dayton Airport Inn.  [Airline] wanted to charge $35 for the bike but talked them out of charge.  One-way fare to Omaha via Twin Cities was $119.  Newspaper 35¢ at airport dispenser, NYT 75¢.  Jean had fixed me a nice lunch.  Roberta arrived about an hour later.  The bike club picked us up at the airport and left for Onawa at 3pm.  Finally got to KOA where Sid was staying with the 5th wheel.  We took our bags to the camp area for they were to be there by 7.  We didn't have supper until 11pm, stir-fried meat and vegetables.  I slept on the kitchen table.

Tuesday 1989 - Trimmed trees around Thompson garage.

Thursday 1991 - We biked out 28 and back in on Bernard Rd.  At 6pm Don Bernard called us and asked if we were ready for bed.

Saturday 1992 - [Key West, Florida to home]  Flew home from Key West via Tampa after a morning swim and lunch at the restaurant with the Ramada.  SLOW traffic into Cincinnati because of the Reds game.  This trip used up last of our Delta tickets, 8 tickets costs $720.

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta and Ginny visiting]

Monday 1994 - [Ginny visiting]

Tuesday 1995 - We went to Hillsboro to Court House, saw Henry [Edwards?] and brief visit to library.  Annie brought over China dinner, $2.50.

Thursday 1996 - Went square dancing, large crowd.  Tried to do the 706 on the computer, but our printer won't make lines all the way down on the sheet.  Jean worked at Senior Citizens.  Had meat loaf, baked beans, potato salad and canned [or carmel] tapioca.

Saturday 1998 - Went to Wilmington, got ink cartridge for computer printer.  Had supper at Bob Evans.  Jayne Hatch was waitress.  Looked at refrigerators at Lowe's.  Got tickets for tonight's performance of "Follies" at Boyd Auditorium.  Sat next to the Tim Hughes's.  Also the Don Bernards were in same row.  They had friends from Mt. Pleasant Retirement Home, t-shirts, $8 each.

Sunday 1999 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to Auburn IN] Left Ada via Bluffton OH, saw the college there.  On to Milford [Medford?] IN, where we took Jim and Margaret Marshall [she is Fannie Moore's daughter, he a retired UMC minister, they served as missionaries in Argentina] out to dinner at a Chinese place.   Had thought about going to the H..... Place but only Th.... Dinners are $14.95 and the Marshalls are very conservative.  Got to Cris and Angela's about 9pm.  They wondered what had happened to us, though we had told them after supper.  They had made home made ice cream.  Cris was celebrating his big crop of raspberries.

Uible***Hiestand Online Hillsboro News-Herald 1912

I didn't find this in time to include it with the posts about the wedding and honeymoon postcards of C.J. Uible and Gladys Hiestand so thought I would share it now.

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, a project of the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities, allows one to search the pages of digitalized newspapers 1860-1922 and one of them is the Hillsboro News-Herald, published weekly.  Digital versions are available from April 7, 1886 to December 31, 1914.  Currently 503 newspapers have been digitized, 15 of them from Ohio, none of them papers from Clinton County.  For the complete list of digital papers click here.

The [Hillsboro] News-Herald published from 1886-1973 and was succeeded by the Hillsboro Press Gazette 1973-1985, which then became the Press Gazette 1985 - current.

The June 13, 1912 edition of the News-Herald, page 5, has the following article:

Monday, June 10, [1912] at 6 p.m., Miss Gladys Hiestand became the bride of Cecil J. Uible of Westboro, Rev. Colley officiating.  There were no invited guests on account of the illness of the bride's father.  The bridal couple left on the 6:30 train for Atlantic City.  They will spend a fortnight in eastern parts.

Ira Franklin Hiestand, father of Gladys, died on July 27, 1912. He was born in March 1851. Rev. J. R. Colley was the pastor of the Hillsboro Methodist Church.

Four other wedding announcements are listed on this page of the paper which also includes many other tidbits of local interest such as the always popular who visited who, and the public school honor roll list interspersed with ads for such items as wallpaper, imitation oak floor coverings, summer hats, and coal. Tener's is having a sale of various sized sheet iron bread pans for only 2¢ each while supplies last and do you that Stabler's has the largest variety of merchandise in Hillsboro? When you need anything go there first. McClure's is offering a special of men's white porous underwear shirts and drawers at a special of 17¢ that "look almost as good as the 50¢ quality."

Front page articles that week included:

  • Teachers Employed at salaries ranging from $423-$800/year and the Principal, Arthur L. Edgington, $990/year
  • 1911 Agricultural Statistics for Highland County
  • Fourth of July Celebration to be held at the Fair Grounds
  • Tribute to deceased Judge George Barrere Gardner (1828-1912)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 17, 1987-99

Uncle Bill plays pool

HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1987 - Bible School Program at church, then worked with the runners in the garden.  Got the Trek bike in the box, easy when done right.  Roberta called, she had called all the people in Iowa where we will be staying.

Monday 1989 - Cultivated the garden, green beans are ready.  Jean and MUH went to Columbus with Senior Citizens to see "Son of Heaven" exhibit.  Bill H. really enjoys "pool" at the Senior Citizens.

Tuesday 1990 - We went to Otterbein Home to see the Finchs, legal business, lunch at Golden Lamb, $15, then to Kings Toyota, Eastgate Acura, Honda East, Toyota (he took us on long drive before we tried it) and then to Dayton Mall Honda where we finally got a white Honda Accord for $14,000 (sticker $15,900), they wanted $14,600.  Had a snack at R...'s across the street.

Wednesday 1991 - Hortons went to Berne Indiana with the NV Senior Citizens.

Friday 1992 - [Key West, Florida]  Got an Alamo rental car, drove 30 miles,, saw Hemingway home, the library and sunset from the pier at 8:26, lots of people and boat activity.  Had a nice (and expensive) lunch at Louie's Backyard

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Met Roberta at Columbus airport, also John, Julie, Kate and the Ashcrafts.  Lithopolis for lunch at the Stratford Inn.  John and Roberta took pictures of the "cousins."  Serena surprised us in coming.  We came home via Circleville & 138.  Went to Hillsboro, GHU had another x-ray, temperature up to 102°.

Sunday 1994 - [Ginny visiting]

Monday 1995 - [Lakeside to home] Went to 9:30 devotion by Mike Williams.  Jean got dress and had lunch at Lakeside Hotel, lunch for "newcomers."  Visited with the Jones in Galion, their son-in-law is now CEO of Emery Air Freight.  Had supper at A La Carte in Columbus, just north of Lane on High St.

Wednesday 1996 - Started wearing bike helmet after reading about this boy in Leesburg who was in a coma for 30 days after a bike accident.

Saturday 1999 - [Ohio Northern School of Missions] Big news about JFK, Jr., his wife and her sister involved in a fatal plane crash near Martha's Vineyard yesterday.

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 16, 1989-99

Wendy as Candle Lighter

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Wendy leaves]  MV sang at Church.  Wendy was a candle lighter.  Jean fixed lamb for dinner.  The Hortons came with us to take Wendy to the airport.  Visited Sawyer Point, a nice place along the river.

Tuesday 1991 - Went to Cincinnati via Hillsboro, oh the red tape at the Hamilton County Probate Court, had a visit with the Sankers.  There is now a bike path between Morrow and Milford.   [Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail is a "Rails to Trails" bike trail]

Thursday 1992 - [from SLC to Florida, not sure when/how/where they got to SLC but assume they put the 1200 miles on a rental car.  This makes me wish I had all the family postcards in order by date, a project I have not yet started, other than to remove them from location order, anyone want to volunteer to be my assistant?]  After a night at the SLC [Salt Lake City?] Hilton and 1200 miles on the car we flew to Orlando and Key West.  [See comments for more details.]

Friday 1993 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home, Ginny arrives] Returned home from O.N.U.  MV had left Ginny with Georgialia earlier in the day as she was en route to St. Olaf for a choir get together.

Saturday 1994 - [Ginny visiting]

Sunday 1995 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to Lakeside] Left Ada, via Carey, OH.  BIG Catholic center, St. Mary Shrine.  The Otterbein group is building a retirement home, just west of Lakeside entrance, $8/day per person to get in [to Lakeside] + $1.50 for the car.  The top room at the hotel is $69.  We had a snack at the Patio [where Catherine worked during the summer of 1967, and Serena worked 1974].  Visited the Mulders, met them in '72 at Mexico City Lions club convention.  They are going to go into the new home.

Tuesday 1996 - Dug up our onions.  Went to Wilmington, snack at Taco Bell.  Harold Schautz was here to help on the computer.

Thursday 1998 - We went to New Carlisle for [Donald] Trop [NVHS 1940] lock box opening, then on to Springfield to file the will.  Visit to the Springfield library and had late lunch at Youngs, 1 dip $1.40.  Really pretty busy.  Jean didn't seem herself when leaving there – no pep and very sleepy, didn't even want to get out of the car at Aldi's and went to bed when we got home.  Heard that Rob Rider [son of former pastor?] had a heart attack and passed away at 44.  [MV added in 2010: Mother's symptoms are classic for glucose intolerance (aka diabetes and sugar overload).]

Friday 1999 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] Left for weekend School of Missions.  In room #8, Roberts Hall.  Studies about aging and the Bible.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 15, 1989-99

GHU to SS, Church & Leesburg Lunch

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] The five of us went to the open house at Ahesty (?) on 68 south of Wilmington, had lunch at Wendy's, Super Bar $3.89.  Tour of Historical Society, the library, Revco had 6 rolls of single-ply toilet paper for 99¢ (regular $1.50) Charmin.  Our new asparagus is looking good.

Sunday 1990 - GHU went to both Sunday School and Church and then to Leesburg for lunch.  She likes those oysters.  The Morgans have been in Colorado for trailer workshop.  [Actually Gerry spent the summer of 1990 working in Fort Collins, when the dealership he'd been working at in AZ closed down.  Later that year he and the former service manager of that dealership formed Best West.]

Monday 1991 - Getting new IBM computer at Wells, about 10% the size of the old NCR computer.

Thursday 1993 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Friday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Dollar Tree called up about bad bubbles.  Put Ginny's tricycle together.  Went to Dr. McMullen, $124 for the two of us, cleaning teeth and I had an x-ray.  Betty Thompson announced her coming retirement in the monthly newsletter from the NV Senior Citizens.

Saturday 1995 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Monday 1996 - It was like UMC Day, a letter from MV about our contribution to their piano fund, a letter from the Danville KY UMC about our attendance there and the Somerset UMC weekly newsletter.  Went to Hillsboro to check title for the George Gano's on property in Lynchburg.  Dow Jones down 160 points today.

Wednesday 1998 - Got check from Bill Dailey on sale of WV property, 136A for $60M.  Barry Williams and termite man were here.  Said it came from wood pile next to the garage, which we moved to under the evergreen tree.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 14, 1988-99

Mission Studies continue

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1988 -  [still in New Orleans LA, with Serena?]

Friday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] The five of us went to Wilmington College Play, "I Do, I Do" – just two in the cast: Mary Alexander and her husband, play was about married life.  Gas is now 96.9¢ in Wilmington.  Called John in Austria, he "sounds so close."

Saturday 1990 - GHU came up for soup.

Sunday 1991 - George and Jo Drake's 30th Anniversary at NV Senior Citizens.  Mother seemed good today.  George Steele is is an adjoining room.  Rev. Johnson spoke on are we all style or do we work or are we like the dog who chewed his tag up so they didn't know where to send the cage.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Thursday 1994 - MV and Ginny arrived along with Susan, they are en route to St. Olaf.

Friday 1995 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] Drove to Ohio Northern, we are in Roberts Hall, study of Ecclesiastes, UN or Europe.

Sunday 1996 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home] Came home via [State Rt] 235, 125 miles.

Monday 1997 - Calling hours for Raymond Smith, his sister Jerdene [?] Bowers is 98.  Carolyn R. called up and said she had sun poisoning.

Tuesday 1998 - Elderhostel spring '99 catalog came.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 13, 1988-99

Unique gas stations

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena]

Thursday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Talking to Mary about Mother – she sleeps so much.

Friday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home] Met Serena at Greenville Public Library, then drove to Red Lobster in Dayton's north side, a BIG crowd, then went to Robards and got her a new refrigerator, washer, and dryer, some $1100.

Saturday 1991 - Jean and MV went to Columbus to get Jean clothes for the wedding.  I met them at Bob Evans at I-270 and Hamilton Road, then John bought some shirts at Huntington's  on Alumni Dr. in Bexley.  We had supper at Chinese Restaurant, The Winds, at 2810 Main St.  Mother was very quiet today and small appetite.  Hard to get her awake.  John brought Sam Britton to drive one of the cars.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Wednesday 1994 - Went up to Roland Grice's residence and helped in a small way, divided up all the contents among the six children.  Jean called Laura Hughes, she is despondent.  Called the Harners, O.D. is still not up to par, he is building frames for pictures of the celebration of the Fairview 125th anniversary.  Storm – two of our CPU's went out.

Thursday 1995 - Jean's purse was stolen in Wilmington.  Picked apples across the street and Jean made apple sauce.  Ray King (our minister) was here for lunch.  Still HOT.  Article in WSJ about a fancy Mobil [now Shell] gas station in [Stafford VA which was inspired by Wright's Falling Water] Mill Run [House ] 30 miles south of Washington on I-95.  Also a "Wright" gas station in Cloquet NM [only gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright].  [For more unique gas stations click here.] Also article about the Mac Performa 5200 CD [an Apple computer introduced May 1, 1995, discontinued February 1, 1996].

Saturday 1996 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Program on John Wesley (Bob Kimi's, near Lancaster) and China with David Sagester, he is still having tours.  Dee Dee Heffner was there on behalf of the school in Espanola, NM.  [Dee Dee is a "Home Missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church serving at the McCurdy School, which is located in the Espanola Valley region of northern New Mexico. Dee Dee has been a teacher at McCurdy since 1975."  Her husband, Dennis, is a minister at UMC there.  Both are originally from Ohio.]

Sunday 1997 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home]  We helped with communion.  Made a stop at Sam's Club off I-675 in Fairborn, bought two plastic floor mats.  Finally got 5500 report and info from ABA.  Sat at breakfast table with Marcia and Jim Florky, knew Larry Masters and Chester Green, who are going with them to South Africa on a VIM trip – JW Sch at Pinetown, South Africa.

Monday 1998 - [Helen Kuntzman still visiting?]

Tuesday 1999 - [First full day home after returning from Santa Fe reunion.]

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 12, 1988-99

King's Island with Wendy

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena] Had lunch at Central Grocery, a muffuletta – not bad.

Wednesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Went to King's Island with Wendy and Kristen Culbreath.  General admission is $18.95, but GG had given us tickets to get in for $12.95, seniors are $10.95.  The music at all the shows is so loud.  Heavy rain came up about 7pm.  The girls go wild about the rides.

Thursday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Friday 1991 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home] Met Serena at Piqua Public Library, got pictures taken at AAA ($10.60) for USSR trip.  Got home about 6pm, MV was there.  She goes on to Columbus airport to fly to Minneapolis for St. Olaf Music Training.  Picked 3 nice tomatoes out of the garden.  Honda turns 20,000 miles.

Monday 1993 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] We are in Room 204 of Clark Hall, about 320 women and 30 men, costs $140.  Topics are Global Economics, the Caribbean, and the book of Matthew.

Wednesday 1995 - [to KY and back home] Left about 10:15 for CVC airport as Mary was flying to Albuquerque to see Joe.  We met the Crowsons at McDonald's at Dry Ridge KY where they got Ginny [who had been visiting].  Stopped at the Federal Building to file Kenneth Johnson's 706 return.  Then to Lebanon P.L. and supper at Der Dutchman in Waynesville.  Entrees $6.95.  Side trip to see where Katie Sheppard lives.  Bob and Carl's having special on milk, 99¢/gallon.

Friday 1996 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] Stopped in Dayton to file Wilson 's Estimated Tax, Mary is going with us as far as Van Wert, where Angela is to meet us.  Beautiful Library.  We're in Room #1 of Roberts Hall.  Oh yes, had lunch at Taco Bell, Mary's first time.  Dorothy I.... [Innskeep?] was with us.  President [DeBow] Freed [now President of University of Findlay since 2003] still giving that welcome with his wife, he has been President since 1979.

Saturday 1997 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Went to Freed Center in evening for Jesus Christ Superstar, seniors $9.

Sunday 1998 - [Helen Kuntzman visiting] Had SS lesson on 1 Peter 13.  Jean had big dinner for Helen K., son Tom (he is 42 and has two boys, 2 and 3).  Helen's 59th HS reunion.

Monday 1999 - [Jackson TN to home after reunion in Santa Fe]

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 11, 1989-99

Helen Kuntzman

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena] Visited library in an old mansion on St. Charles Ave.  Had delightful lunch at the Commander's Palace Restaurant, a 4* place.  [Gerry and I tried to eat their twice, first time we were wearing shorts, sign said "No Shorts," second time we wore jeans, small print said "No Jeans" – decided it wasn't our kind of place.]

Tuesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting]

Wednesday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Enjoyed MV leading the singing.

Thursday 1991 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Evening Japanese programs at the new [or nice] Freed Center for Performing Arts.

Monday 1994 - Kroger moved to new location, in Walmart Center, where Pick & Save had been.  Cleaned out asparagus bed, got a small mess.  Picked rhubarb and beans.  New walk around city building.  Surprised that Bob and Kent Walker had mowed our entire yard.

Tuesday 1995 - [Ginny visiting]

Thursday 1996 - Weeded the tree and asparagus patch in the garden, snapped the belt on the lawnmower.  Getting CRT replaced at Wells, too much stormy weather.  Had letter from John and Evelyn Spencer in Birmingham AL.  Robbins and Myers above 50.  Our Post Office is putting in more boxes.

Friday 1997 - [Auburn IN to Ada OH for School of Missions] Drove to Lima, got gas at Myers, BIG Store, $108.9¢/gallon.  Nice library.  Had hamburgers at Kewpie's just west on 309 from I-75.  Had corner room in Clark Hall.  June Baylor was there to give us a BIG welcome.  Programs on Brazil or Violence and on Book of Joshua.  Gal with her son next to us was Maureen Hamilton.  Rita Compton and Billy Stevenson were there from Wilmington.

Saturday 1998 - [Helen Kuntzman visiting]  Finished reading Cold Mountain and got the "Titan" at Wilmington Library, biography of John D. Rockefeller.  Took Helen to Waynesville for supper.  We were there at 5pm so avoided the crowd.  Helen has lived in the Mobile Home Park for 10 years.  Got burr haircut at Greg's, $7.  [2010: Rev. Kuntzman used to work for SS Kresge and told how they pushed high profit alcohol drinks.  He wanted to be a part of something for the better of mankind which was why he entered the ministry as a second career.  Article about Rennie Kuntzman found here.]

Sunday 1999 - [Hot Springs AR to Jackson TN, stayed at Comfort Inn, with Serena]

Saturday, July 09, 2011

July 10, 1989-99

Wendy: VBS to [no] marriage

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena]

Monday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Called John in Austria at 6am, he had called us earlier last week, seems to be having a wonderful experience.  Wendy and the D. Hughes children are going to Bible School at Fairview.

Tuesday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] They keep us busy with opening meditation at 6:45, then breakfast and first class at 8am.  No problems on quantity of food – and, oh, the ice cream bar – plenty of heavy food.

Wednesday 1991 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Talent night.  One lady "showed pictures" but no picture, that part was plenty long.  Grayson Atha had song "about butter beans."

Saturday 1993 - Mother loves eating fresh peaches, but hard to get her to eat anything else.  Went with the Hortons over to Lake Cowan, as Cris and Angela, Laura and Wil were camping there.  He BBQ'd the chicken.  They were in #124, $12/night.  Got bananas at Bob and Carl's 3lbs/$.

Sunday 1994 - Had letter from the Liggitts.  They are promoting another trip to the Far East for next February.  Linn Woods passed away.

Monday 1995 - [Ginny visiting] Trying to print price list on computer.  Ginny has taken a real liking to the children behind us, they had a big water balloon fight this pm.  Ginny thought she was killed when she had to come home.  For supper we had a "picnic" outside our back door.  Bud McConnell was here putting in some 3-hole electrical plugs.  Ted [Waln] told me he is still having trouble over his departure at Leesburg.

Thrusday 1997 - [to Auburn IN] Left for Auburn where we had reservations at the Auburn Inn, $63.90+ and includes breakfast.  New Holiday Inn Express just down the street.  You go North on Main Street past Country Club then go East and North [to get to Cris's then-residence].  We ate at the Country Club.  They have a BIG house, 3½ baths, though trouble with the septic drain in the back yard.  Ate at Fearrington's in Sidney at the Fair Rd. exit for lunch.

Friday 1998 - Helen Kuntzman came, she retired last April.  Catherine called, "Wendy is getting cooler about getting married."  Putting in handicapped accessible curbs for street crossing here in New Vienna.

Saturday 1999 - [Dallas TX to Hot Springs AR where according to the credit card receipt went to Buckstaff Bath House and stayed at the Hampton Inn]

Friday, July 08, 2011

July 9, 1989-99

Ohio Northern School of Missions

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena]

Sunday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Teaching Sunday School, Ezekiel 10.  We went to Frisch's for lunch, 30 minute wait for a table for 7 of us. Jean and I went for a 10 mile bike ride, near Fallsville and back.  Roberta called us.

Monday 1990 - [to Ada OH] We leave for week of Mission Study at Ohio Northern.  MV is leading the music.  Room 5 of Roberts Hall, $120 for each of us.  Jean having the course on the Media and I took Central America with David Sagester as the leader. 

Tuesday 1991 - [to Ada OH] Left for Ohio Northern School of Missions, same room.  We had Japan/changing values + Book of John (Grayson Atha).  We all ate too much.  My instructor was Darlene Stark from Cardington OH.  She had just gotten back from Japan.

Friday 1993 - Three new theaters in Wilmington, next to the present two, all same lobby.  Our Honda turning 60,000 miles.

Saturday 1994 - [Colorado Springs CO to home] Took Serena to airport at 10am, then we went to National History Museum, saw the IMAX film on sharks.  Also an interesting exhibit on the "Hall of Life."  Had a picnic lunch on the grass in the shade.  Used up the CO water we had left from the hotel.  Left Denver at 3:05 with an early supper on the flight.  Parking bill was $37.

Sunday 1995 - [Ginny visiting] Have SS lesson, Job 2-3.  Honda turns 12,000 miles.  We met Serena, John, Julie and Kate at Wendy's at the Jeffersonville Mall.  Then went to "J" school playground, nice.  Hendersons having birthday party for Clara Sears today.  She is 40 (on 7/12). 

Tuesday 1996 - Went to Wilmington, Jean checked out Samuel Walker Restaurant for prospective Mother's Club meeting on 12/1/96.  Picked our first green beans.

Thursday 1998 - [Cincinnati OH to home] Made a stop at new Meijer store in Milford, beautiful strawberries.  Picked 2 new tomatoes out of our garden.  Got news that Les Reynolds has passed away.

Friday 1999 - [Dallas TX with Serena] Walked up Oak Lawn Avenue and got some milk, etc. for breakfast.  Went to Old City Park Museum [Dallas Heritage Village], interesting old buildings especially the old log cabin [Miller Log House, 1847] and the new house [Millermore, 1855-1862] 15 years later.  Had lunch here [Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, this entry written on their stationary].  I had two Texas Crabcakes and small Cobb Salad with a pastry bowl, $22.  Iced tea was $2.50.  Serena does get her $ worth.  Tortilla soup is $10 – big bowl.  We were there 1½ hours.  Went for a swim, then about 4:00 drove down to[Rosewood] Crescent Hotel and looked around.  Then to Kennedy Memorial, drove through Dey Ell... area, Fair Park [site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition]. Had supper at Celebrations, 4503 W Lovers Lane (west of Dallas North Fwy). Vegetables served family style and four kinds of bread.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

July 8, 1989-99

AL, LA, IN, CO, Sweden, TX Getting Around

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1988 - [Tuscaloosa AL to New Orleans LA, with Serena]  Staying at Clarion Hotel, nice roof top pool.  Lunch at Gumbo Shop.

Saturday 1989 - [Indianapolis to home, Wendy visiting] Went to Conner Prairie, very into existing as life was in 1836 when AR the 25th state came in to the US.  The guide had never heard of AZ (in 1836).  Drove to Cincinnati, Velva Sheen, Westwood UMC, Towne Towers, and had pizza $8.95 at the Music Palace, Rt-4 exit N of I-275.  Kroger special on 2% milk for 99¢/gallon (regular $1.69).

Sunday 1990 - Hortons leave for LW.  Don preaching near Waynesville.  Went to Ponderosa for lunch, K.C. Steak $3.99. 

Friday 1994 - [Colorado Springs CO] Visited Focus on the Family, Exit 151, then the Air Force Academy, ran into John and Julie there.  Saw the platoon marching across the field.  Jean walked from the Visitor Center to the Chapel.

Saturday 1995 - [Ginny visiting] Helped Mary Bahr paint at the Homeless Shelter in Wilmington.  She has 6 church groups lined up to paint each Saturday.  Used Gene Williams 18" shears to trim the shrubbery.  Roberta and Sid meeting his grandson [Andy Lizshefski] and a friend in Chicago, then going to Disney World for 5 days.

Wednesday 1998 - [Stockholm Sweden to Cincinnati OH] Flew from Stockholm to Helsinki to NYC to Cleveland to Cincinnati where we had reservations at Holiday Inn.  There were just 10 in our group + Robert Hinshaw (he is 65), his step-son Ken (28) and Ken's daughter Alex (8).  Interesting people – Gordon and Muriel Bevens (she likes lettuce) from Nevada Iowa.  He is very conservative and political.  Herbert and Ruth Goldbar, who have spent a year living in different places, this year starting in Oxford, England.  Nancy who put her binoculars first and had too much stuff who was going on train to Oslo and Marian, 76, who "shakes" a lot.

Thursday 1999 - [Wichita Falls to Fort Worth to Dallas TX]  Got to Fort Worth about 10AM.  Went to Stock Yards area, saw the museum, Visitor Center had a short movie for $1 each.  We walked up East Exchange St., saw the cowboy hat and white elephant collection.  Interesting pictures in Stockyards Hotel.  Old out house now used to hold napkins [?].  Had good lunch at Joe T. Garcia's at 2201 N. Commerce St.  Pretty grounds.  Went to Cultural Center  and visited all three art museums (they close at 5), then to Science and Industry Museum (open until 8pm.)  Saw IMAX film on elephants in Africa.  Some of those shots make me dizzy.  Drove around the Sundance Square area and then on to Dallas, where we're staying at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, Room 410.  [Recognized as the most celebrated hotel in Texas, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is the only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond hotel in Texas.]  The hotel has valet parking and brought us Berry Cake and Iced Tea.

Items from Uible photo album