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Red Roses True Love - June 8, 1910

Red Roses True Love, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

June 8, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Tuesday, Well Mamma I received a postal from Dorsa saying that they would stay one day longer if O.K. with me & of course it was. So will not arrive home until Sat. night. I received a letter from Cecil today & he had intended to come to H.[Hillsboro] Sat. evening but I wrote & told him not to come until Sunday morning. But do not go to any extra work. Nurse going away to-morrow, Sis is feeling fine. We had several callers. I will have a pleasant surprise for you when I arrive home. We are still eating strawberries. I made a cake Sat. & was all gone Sun night. Robert ate 3 pieces for dinner & 2 for supper & he is still alive. Had a shower this morning. I guess I still have enough money to get home on. G.H.

I hope Grandma's Mamma had good eyesight, otherwise she would have needed a powerful magnifying glass to make out Grandma's small handwriting. Mary Ellen Hiestand (Mamma) was 55 in 1910. The mention of changing her plans to come home a day later because of Dorsey (1877-1959) might indicate they had traveled together and then he had gone on to somewhere else since he had to send her a card to tell her of the change of plans -- at least nice to know she wasn't traveling alone. I like the signs of humor in the cake part and of course the mention of Cecil -- still two years before their wedding.

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