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October 26, 1909 Ira to Dorsey

October 26, 1909, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Ira to his son Dorsey
Oct. 26, 1909 Will start home to-night
arr. [arrived] o.k. -- I. H
You can Gslef [??best guess] home the rest of the folks.
You can give this card to Gladys.

Here's a card from a man who was probably more used to writing notes than postcards, we do know at least that Gladys was given the card since we are now reading it a mere 100 years later. I have studied the indecipherable word and can't come up with anything better than "Gslef" -- any guesses on what he was trying to communicate? We will assume that he is traveling by train and perhaps he (and his wife? since the card is addressed to their son) had gone to visit oldest daughter Luna after getting in the fall harvest on the farm.

Mound City appears to have a wide electrified unpaved Main Street with one of those new-fangled traffic signals or warning lights at the near and far end of the street. In 2008, Mound City's population was 1,074, so perhaps about the same size as New Vienna, 24% with German ancestry according to accessed 11/14/09.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Catherine---very interesting! I'm still thinking on the mystery word but I think after looking at the letters in the other words that "home" might be here? And "Arrived" might be "are"? What do you think?

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