Saturday, October 07, 2006


Trying to get this to work for Mom & Dad to be able post and comment without having to log on.


Mom & Dad said...

YES, I think we've got it!

Roberta said... do you put that in BIG print Serena? You are missed here....not just by the cats. Sid corrected me when I told him of that comment. I just tried to post on Sid's email account and could not. What is my password Serena?

Long story made short, we are off for a bike ride, then to Lake Pleasant, but will no doubt end up at LUby's tonight after UMC. ANyone want to join us? We will do pickup in the 85375 zipcode! This is Roberta the commenter

Mary Uible Crowson said...

You can change the size of the font on new posts easily by clicking "normal size" which is the default --- after you highlight your post--- and then change normal size to large. You can even change the color, etc!

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