Tuesday, October 10, 2006

JBU posts on Uibles: A Family Blog

We enjoyed seeing the Morgans last evening - they had a good visit in New Vienna with the folks. Julie fixed a great dinner for all of us and then it was swim time at the Place off the Square.
I (JBU) hope to see them this morning before they fly back to sunny Phoenix!


serena said...

Wow! Both JBUs have now written posts on the blog! I think that means that all seven of the original Uibles plus, of course, Wendy Jean and Virginia Katelyn.

Catherine must be a good tutor . . . or nag or . . . Anyway, she has accomplished a lot in her Ohio trip.

serena said...

Hope John doesn't mind that changed his post title slightly - Roberta was getting too confused by the post and blog itself having the same title.

Roberta said...

Just to let you all know I am here and not just looking at the pictures, but reading what some people post....ah, I mean comment about me! Great calendar Serena you have created for us. Anyone want alist of all of our phone numbers, just ask......Serena has created! We are now out for a bike ride...........Roberta the commenter

Mary Uible Crowson said...

WOW JB---you have blogged BEFORE your 50th birthday! Way to go! What did you do to celebrate (other than the family dinner, etc)?

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