Monday, October 09, 2006

Hello from your mother

I am not inspired but wanted to say HELLO from the great metropolis of New Vienna this Columbus Day. Too bad we can't go to Luby's but got to Lake Cowan yesterday (Spillway Lodge) and also to see Diane Burton Roush and stopped briefly at the Heartland to see Carolyn Thornburg whose sister and sister-in-law were also there, Wilma Jean who is about to take off for Gatlinburg with her cohorts, Joanne Gruber, the beauty operator, Donna Smallridge and Wilma's sister-in-law Linda Croghan. We have enjoyed having the Morgans here but didn't do anything special otherwise.


Mom & Dad said...

Testing my ability to make a comment but maybe Dad would like to add a line. If so I'll leave enough space.

Roberta said...

Mom the blogger! And like me a few months ago didn't even know what a blog is, now we are one! We have just come from a bike ride, and now off to points East including a stop at the GPL for Serena. More later.........WELCOME TO MOM AND DAD

serena said...

For some reason the bank, the libray, the post office and DMV were all closed . . . . HA! We did put it all together while we were having brunch at Coco's. Fortunately Coco's and Costco don't close for governmental holidays.

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