Saturday, October 07, 2006

Greetings from New Vienna

Saturday afternoon and the yard mowing is now past tense. Catherine is trying to help HU on the "blog".


serena said...


Catherine . . . I think that if you bookmark them from and you have blogger remember their password/username it will take them directly to the dashboard page. Which, admittedly, is bit curcuitous to get around to the View Blog, but makes it much easier to post and gets around other problems.

I sign in I think every time I post on Blogger . . . handn't REALLY thought about it. I'm just used to it.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

WELCOME HH! Glad to see a post from you all!

Did not get to call this afternoon as I was running some errands for my friend with the lymphoma and then went to the library for some genealogy research. Trying to work on Ballantynes but harder than Uible since there are MANY lines and few of them are ours.

Does Mother remember a girl who helped her folks named "Daisy"? She was listed on one of the census pages today I looked at, I believe...maybe from 1920?

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