Sunday, August 06, 2006

hey yall!!!

Well, this is just awesome!!! I get to talk to everyone now....

Anyways, these are some of my pictures from costa rica!!! if you want all of them, email me!!!


serena said...

Wow Ginny! Great pictures!

You'll have to put some more WORDS with them.

I'm sure that Roberta is requesting your photographs as I type, so you don't need to send them to me, too.

Thanks for posting so quickly. Your cousin WendyJean Morgan is slower on the uptake for the blog. Maybe she is too shy. She told me she is too busy. Maybe she is too shy and too busy both.

Roberta said...

THANKS GINNY, great to see some of your pictures, we look forward to more! I still can't believe I am part of a blog! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! We got out for a nice bike ride before it hit 100 degrees! Roberta the blogger

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Ginny---You hadn't shown me any pictures yet! We have been too busy, I guess!

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